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Entertainment Web TV

Entertainment Web TV


Not anymore :(


Videomaker, Content Creator, Visual Effects

Stack Tecnologico

Premiere Pro, After Effects

Everything has to start somewhere. I consider my career a lifelong effort and dedication to my passions, but if there's a project that could represent a "start" it's this one. I could give space to newer and shinier projects but to this day I still think it's emblematic and deserves to be featured. So what is it about?

Entertainment Web TV Sphere Wireframe

The thing had simply started as a blog website with news, threads and polls about the videogame industry. It was a small community of friends, mostly classmates but also people I met playing online. It was a mind-blowing experience: being part of a virtual community and tinkering with HTML and CSS for the first time.

I had no idea what I was doing but spending an entire afternoon adding links to a footer was a lot of fun! Alongside with the website I decided to start a YouTube let's play channel, playing horror games such as Amnesia and Dead Space.

At that time PewDiePie wasn't the star he is today, I think we were among the first in Italy to take on the horror let's play videos. We got a discrete number of video views — even a ripoff partnership — but for me it was all about the creation process.

Recording, editing and publishing videos every week for two years straight, while a was studying in high school. I would spend days in After Effects and Premiere Pro, learning to edit videos and creating the intro / outro animations for them.

This was also my first attempt at 3D using Cinema 4D and rendering extrusions of my logos, I was pushing my old computer to its limit. I was always in love with particles and light effects as you can tell.

Entertainment Web TV Logotype
Entertainment Web TV Old Blog
This experience has taught me a lot about what it takes to build an online presence, learning new ways to express myself through software and video. A ten-minute video can require dozens of hours of work between recording, watching footage, editing, adding subtitles and effects. The last decade has seen the bar raised for digital content quality and it will probably continue to go up. Content is hard and creators deserve way more credit for their work.
I managed to get a screenshot of the old blog, thanks to Wayback Machine!
video ~ e13_intro.mp4
Today I'm working on much bigger and more complex projects but my love and curiosity for technology haven't changed a bit from those years.
Dopo tutto, si ha una sola vita.
Tanto vale realizzare qualcosa di grande.

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