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Clockbeats Orchestra

Clockbeats Orchestra


Paolo Mantini


Product Designer

Stack Tecnologico

PHP, Wordpress

An orchestra: a coordinated set of sounds, tools, people, artists who can give voice and shape to whatever sequence of chords, notes, words, also thanks to the different nuances of the sound of the instruments that make it up.

Cool, right? But how does it work? Let’s get into it. We divided the Orchestra into 7 categories:
Clockbeats Orchestra Map
Clockbeats Orchestra Strings

It’s a simplified version of the real symphony orchestra map to be easy for the average user to understand.

You can discover all the musicians and artists, arranged according to the family of instruments they’re in. Once you get to know more about the orchestra, you can “adopt” an artist by making a small donation. Or a big donation, if you feel generous.

If you donate you will be afforded some exclusive benefits: you can sponsor the artist with your own brand, giving you broad exposure in the artist’s online community. Donors will also receive free tickets for the artist’s events as well as some exclusive gadgets.

The website was built around this concept, but the real challenge was building an intuitive structure that allows the user to quickly drop a donation to the musicians they’re interested in. The donation part was also a new problem for me, which I solved by implementing Stripe and allowing credit card payments. In a few clicks, you can send your desired amount to a musician of your choice. Spending money was never so easy, right? But hey, it’s for a good cause this time.

For Science! Or for music, I guess. That’s the basic idea, but the whole project goes way beyond that.

Clockbeats Orchestra Paolo Biography
Clockbeats Orchestra Choose Your Family
Clockbeats Orchestra aims to fill the gap between digital and classical music, it’s a revolutionary way to play music, blurring the line between old and new.
The director can control each instrument and alter the sound of the orchestra by applying effects such as reverb, for example. All in real-time, thanks to the power of digital. A visual representation that reacts to the music is also shown in the background, allowing the viewer to fully immerse into the experience.
Clockbeats Orchestra Paolo and Nicolò Mantini
Clockbeats Orchestra Team
We think that this experiment can give a new life to classical music, attract a younger audience to this world and enjoy a new way of experiencing music together.
The average age of the audience for a classical concert is around 60 years. We were able to make it drop below 30. That’s an impressive result and I want to personally thank everyone that contributed to making this happen. We plan on having more concerts in Europe, starting in Copenhagen.
We worked on this project for months, and I couldn’t be prouder of the final result. I think you should see for yourself in the video below, enjoy.
Clockbeats Orchestra ~ Video
Dopo tutto, si ha una sola vita.
Tanto vale realizzare qualcosa di grande.

Contattaci e sentiamo le tue idee!