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Sebastiano Gaggiano

Sebastiano Gaggiano

Product Designer


/ lifelong skills

  • Art Direction
  • Problem Solving
  • A Culture of Questioning

/ core skills

  • Graphic Design
  • Full Stack Web Development
  • Product Design

/ interests

  • Finance
  • Photography / Videomaking
  • Videogames

/ learning

  • 3D Rendering
  • Virtual Reality
  • Web3

I’m Sebastiano, living and breathing technology since I was 4. I have always been fascinated by “how things work” and found in computers a way to get lost in the digital world and learn something new every day.

I am a multi-disciplinary creative based in Italy, with an interest in creating useful, innovative and beautiful products.

With an engineering background and a passion for design, my mission is to build remarkable products, with a focus on user experience and performance.


Product Designer


Jan 2019Present
  • Bridging the gap between design and development, supervising projects every step of the way: from the initial prototype to the finished product and production deployment.
  • Coordinating small teams of 2-3 people within a full-remote position and flexible hours.
  • Currently focusing on user experience and frontend engineering.

Lead Product Designer


Jan 2016Present
  • First large scale project I built from the ground up, starting with the very first logo idea, to branding to an over-engineered web application.
  • Owned the full lifecycle of the product, including its failure which has been a powerful life lesson. This project made me grow not only as a digital creator but as a human being.

Full Stack Developer


Sept 2017Dec 2019
  • Got my hands dirty on many areas of software development: doing client briefs, designing and coding websites, working with legacy code for Android / iOS apps, managing servers, domain transfers, DNS configurations and all that fun stuff.
  • Developed my horizontal skills very early in my career.